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The Green Heart

The Green Heart of Holland is a National Landscapes conservation area. These areas were chosen to preserve their distinctive Dutch landscapes, with historic villages, meadows and vistas, cows and cloudy skies. Typical of the Green Heart of Holland are the bog mires, large ponds and lakes.

The Reeuwijkse Plassen are located in the middle of the Green Heart and are the result of large-scale peat extraction which was on the rise in 1600. As a result of the excavations, the banks crumbled easily, resulting in ever larger ponds. In the Green Heart old forts and farms have adorned the land since days of old. The rich diversity of agriculture, horticulture and cattle breeding form the cornerstone of a rich country life with pure local products. And the varied water landscape not only provides habitat for diverse and unusual flora and fauna but also unlimited enjoyment for all who love water sports.

The Green Heart plays a role in the green evolution towards sustainability. For innovative entrepreneurs it represents a testing ground for the development of sustainable solutions. This gives rise to all manner of new developments, such as floating greenhouses, hydrogen-powered boats, care farms, nature conservation, agro tourism and new forms of recreation such as ParqGreen Reeuwijkse Plassen.

Wonderful gouda
Gezellig Gouda

Gouda: historic heart in the Green Heart. The smell of Gouda treacle waffles tempts everyone, to say nothing of that delicious Gouda cheese. In the summer this cheese, for which the city is known, is still sold at the Thursday cheese market, a tourists' favourite.

Out and about in nature

There are numerous wonderful cycle routes in the vicinity of ParqGreen. Cycling through the beautiful landscape of peat meadows and lakes is always a treat. Within cycling distance of ParqGreen are several fabulous destinations, including Gouda, Bodegraven and Alphen aan de Rijn.

Wind surfing on the reeuwijkse plassen

The Reeuwijkse Plassen are perfect for all kinds of water sports. In summer it is a hive of activity on the lake with swimmers, rowing boats, sailing boats, sloops and windsurfers. For more information about windsurfing, visit the Reeuwijk windsurfing club's website.

Lakes, surrounded by stands of reed and willows, typify the magnificent landscape. Every opportunity to enjoy tranquillity, space and nature.

Recreational opportunities

Enjoyment on land, relaxation on the water

ParqGreen Reeuwijk wood adjoins the Reeuwijk lakes. The shallow lakes are bordered with fringes of reeds, stands of willow and an open landscape. On the water you will find all types of boating, there is a windsurfing pond, and both adults and children sail and row – Rowing and Sailing Club ‘Gouda’ is located close to the Parq.
A stone's throw from the Parq is Reeuwijk wood, a varied woodland where many go to walk or bike. Gouda, with its historic city centre and many charming shops, cafés and restaurants, is just a half hour away by bike.