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Sustainability is the new luxury

ParqGreen Reeuwijkse Plassen is a recreation park that is founded on ideals and ambitions. Without losing sight of reality, the balance between the desire for sustainable, pure recreation and the demand for luxury and comfort has been sought and found from day one. To achieve that, we first had to define ‘sustainability’ for ourselves.

The result? Sustainability must be experienced as the new luxury. You must be able to spend time in an environment where everything is in balance – where nothing is lacking yet nothing is excessive. The nature must envelop you like a blanket on a cold winter's day. You must be able to see that the materials used are honest and have a long life ahead of them. And that nothing is wasted.

Sustainability must be experienced as the new luxury. You must be able to spend time in an environment where everything is in balance – where nothing is lacking yet nothing is excessive.

Sustainable options

In developing ParqGreen Reeuwijkse Plassen the aim was not only to attain maximum sustainability in the design and construction of the properties but also in the energy management. The south-facing orientation of the properties contributes to this substantially, as does the optimised insulation.

ParqGreen, however, has created the ability to scale the degree of self-sufficiency to a level where every property can be completely energy neutral and therefore no longer requires any external energy supply. Accordingly, all our homes have a sustainable energy system in the form of a heat pump with underfloor heating. You can also choose one or more additional options, such as solar panels or a solar water heater.

Sustainability in brief

The natural vegetation and scenic landscape of the Reeuwijk wood has been restored;The reed fringes and various species of trees have been restored to the area;Nearly two hectares of land have been exchanged for water;The overall ecological balance has been restored;Numerous plants and animals once again live in their natural habitat; All the homes can make optimum use of solar heat and solar energy, as desired;Heat pumps are used to provide energy-efficient heating;Every home has an external finish of FSC® wood; The Bribus Eco kitchens consist of FSC® wood in combination with the fibre of ecologically grown one-year-old plants;All designer furniture from OT design is made from recycled teak from Indonesia;.

Bribus Eco Kitchens

All the homes feature a Bribus Eco kitchen. These are exceedingly strong and extremely durable, lightweight and ergonomic in use. The kitchens are manufactured from sheet material composed of panels of FSC® wood combined with the fibre of ecologically cultivated, fast growing annual crops like maize and cane. This material is up to 30% lighter and FSC® certified.

The sheet material is also fully recyclable and environmentally friendly: The clean production and lower CO2 emissions during transport reduce environmental impact. The material's high stability contributes to the ease with which it can be processed.

For each type of property a wide range of design options is available for the layout, to match the style of the home and personal preference.

OT design

The interiors of the water lodges, water homes and water villas at ParqGreen are designed by OT design. They show that functionality and quality can go hand in hand with style, character and responsible production.

This is reflected in the wooden furniture they have designed for ParqGreen: These are literally made of used teak wood, through a recycling process that results in virtually no wood waste. This wood comes from Indonesia, where many wooden houses are disappearing because many people prefer a stone house. The wood that remains is perfectly suited for recycling. 

OT design has developed a special technique that makes it possible to process wood of different origins and dimensions so efficiently that the result is a strong construction with almost no loss of the original material. But, most importantly, the result is a beautiful piece of furniture, made entirely of recycled wood.

For phase II of ParqGreen, OT design has again developed two beautiful interior styles, both based on what the environment has to offer, which are called Sails Blues and Organic Chic.

SAILS BLUES has radiates luxury with a nudge to nature. Its setup in various forms and lines originates in the parceled landscape and contribute to a visual relaxation. The blue very subtly refers to the sparkling water.

ORGANIC CHIC breathes relaxation. The warm shades of yellow and green are based on the surrounding reed and never fail to cheer you up. At the same time, it radiates relaxation and a very natural warmth. It is perfect for lounging in a relaxed and luxurious atmosphere.