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The name ParqGreen Reeuwijkse Plassen says it all: The park is located among the Reeuwijk lakes and vast peat meadows. The specific location of the park in Reeuwijk wood makes the area an important gateway to the Green Heart. The Municipality of Bodegraven-Reeuwijk established a planning strategy for reclassification of the area in 2009 with a view to developing the very accessible recreation area Reeuwijk wood to become a corridor of entry to the Green Heart. The development of ParqGreen has therefore been embraced by the municipality in the pursuit of a major upgrade toward providing quality recreation and nature experiences.

Traditional Dutch landscape

Characteristic landscape features of the Reeuwijk wood served as the starting point for the design of ParqGreen, with the aim of maintaining the scenic character of the area. The result is that the park has the specific features and qualities of the traditional Dutch waterway subdivision of properties: long lines of sight along the buildings where reed fringes mark the transition from land to water, with generously distant views across the water.
The waterways have been restored in the design of ParqGreen and now form the basis for the layout of the park with houses right on the waterfront. This arrangement provides the entire area with direct water access to the Reeuwijkse Plassen and creates a healthy balance between land and water. With this widening of the ditches and canals more than 16,000 m² of land has been returned to the water.

Map of ParqGreen

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ParqGreen Reeuwijkse Plassen is centrally located in the Green Heart between the cities of The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht. Despite the rural nature of the area, accessibility is excellent. The A12 motorway is just a five-minute drive away.